Facial Hair Remover (Chargeable)
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Facial Hair Remover (Chargeable)

29.00 QAR

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Product Name: Stick Shaver
Product contains: UUS cord, color box, brush, manual
Product Model: Beautiful about -088
Product color: white, red, black, gold, rose gold
Power supply method: 1 1.5V alkaline dry battery (the battery is not included in the set)
Product material: Stainless steel blade + ABS body
Cleaning method: brush cleaning
Bare metal weight: 58g
Weight with color box:  88g
Product size:  110 * 13mm
Color box size:  13.5 * 140 * 105mm

Packing number: 100 sets / carton

Outer box size: 42.5 * 39 * 61

1. Safe shaving: do not pull, it will not cause large pores.
2. Does not affect perspiration: safe skin care, does not damage 
the skin and sweat glands.
3. It doesn't hurt at all: fast shaving does not feel pain at all, 
making shaving like a comfortable enjoyment.
4. make the skin delicate and smooth: make the hair removal and cut 
neatly keep the skin smooth.
The cutter head is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can 
be used tens of thousands of times. The cutter head will not be worn. 
The horizontal cutter head makes the cuts neat during hair removal 
and ensures smooth skin. After the machine is working, the cutter 
head can be disassembled and washed with water. 
One AA5 battery is enough to serve you for 3 months.
It is portable, small in size, easy to grasp with one hand, 
and easy to carry. 
It will not let your armpit hair and nose hair snatch style at 
critical moments. 
Intimate and meticulous, suitable for the whole body, to smooth 
your skin and relax your skin anytime, anywhere.
When girls or boys are suddenly exposed to the sun with one or 
two nose hairs one day, the bad thing is that they will certainly 
not notice it, but others will surely see that this image is undoubtedly 
a severe test. In order to prevent problems before they occur, 
the nose hair trimmer is undoubtedly a good essential cosmetic tool. 
Nose hair trimmer Washable stainless steel head; nose hair ear hair trim easily.
360-degree no dead angle, built-in rotary cutter head, no damage to the nasal 
cavity, safe trimming, industry-leading perfect prevention of nose hair 
"red apricot out of the wall"



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