Hand Pressing Noodle Machine
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Hand Pressing Noodle Machine

59.00 QAR

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  • High-Quality: Made of stainless steel material, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant, durable, and sturdy to use.
  • Main function: Make delicious noodles and extract the juice. Naturally harmless, tasteless, non-corrosive.
  • Package includes 1 x Noodle Press Machine, 7 x Noodle Mould.
  • Washing Tips: It’s hard to clean immediately after you finish your noodle, but with the hot water soaking for a few minutes, it’s so easy.How to operate it and making delicious noodle
    1. Knead the dough with water to make it soft. (Add some edible oil would be better.)
    2. Unscrew the cover and put the dough, vegetable, or have cut fruits into the drum, then screw the handle, and noodle or juice will come out. (this machine is also can press juice, two functions.)
    3. Put the bottom of the machine close to the water for easy coming out.
    4. After usage, disassemble it and wash with water. Or soaking it in the water later, it is easier to clean. Then dry and put in your cabinet.


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